Lady Gaga Gets Married!

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  • Married … to the night. See what I did there?

    Gaga’s new video for her fifth single off “Born This Way” officially dropped yesterday. “Marry the Night” is her latest video epic (clocking in at a staggering 14 minutes) and it chronicles her rise to stardom through a lot of voice over, hospitals, dancing, burning cars and Cheerios. The video is stylized to a Gaga level (as it should be) but it’s much more palatable then her previous effort, the gender bending “You and I.”

    Another point to note here is that Gaga also directed the video giving it the full force of her personal flair. If your a Gaga fan, then prepare to be enthralled for the next 14 minutes, and if you’re not … there’s a ton of other engaging content here on to check out!

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