We All Need #SomebodyToLove

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  • He looked her over, once, twice – they both knew the enviable result, but let time pass in subtle fleeting heart beats with no rush of fulfillment. Inches from one another now, she can feel his breath – the rhythmic wave of warmth across her lips causes her to shudder. Goosebumps run the length of her body as the moment finally arrives following his hand sliding softly behind her head their lips meet and a sub-conscience barrage of fireworks ignite between them.

    The hashtag #somebodytolove is trending today, because (let’s face it) the simple desire to connect with another on a deeper, primal level is essentially the top of the to-do list for the human race. With nearly every form of expression capable inside us inspired in one way or another by the desire to be loved, what better way to share this feeling than with a 140 characters.

    Here are some of my very favorite limited public text displays of affection:

  • Oh, wait a minute – this is about a Bieber song? Guess I should have known.

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