Kurt Busch Fired from Penske Racing?

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  • Nascar Sprint Cup Champion, Kurt Busch, got a little hot under the collar a few weeks back after his #22 Shell/Pennzoil Dodge Charger suffered transmission problems during the series season finale. He flashed a middle finger (for shame!) and went on a profanity laced tirade, which was never intended to air, but an additional camera man caught the incident and that footage somehow found its way online.

    And, these two small infractions have apparently cost the driver his ride with Penske Racing. It is being reported that Busch and the Penske organization reached a “mutual agreement” early this morning and will end their multi-year relationship, immediately. This comes as a shock to fans, as Penske Racing picked up Busch after he was released by Roush/Fenway Racing due to “bad behavior” off track. Did they not know what they were getting into?

    Listen, these guys drive cars in a circle reaching nearly 200 mph, there is a great deal of stress involved, and if you can’t drop a few expletives here and there then how is a driver suppose to deal with the stress? Anyway, before I get up on this soapbox here, the point is no more double deuce for Busch which leaves two important loose strings – Who will drive the #22 and where will Busch race next year?

    And, even though you didn’t ask, here are my predictions:

    1. David Ragen grabs the #22 spot. Penske has always been keen on picking up young drivers (i.e. Brad Kesolowski, Ryan Newman, Sam Hornish Jr.), and David with his recent release from Roush/Fenway Racing would be a great counter part to the only remaining Penske driver Brad Kesolowski.

    2. Kurt goes to Richard Childress Racing to pick up that #33 car abandoned by Clint Bowyer. Though there is a sordid history between Kurt and some of the RCR drivers, Busch is an incredible race car driver and RCR has struggled this year. Childress would do well with a champion on his team, might turn that organization around.

    Well, that’s my thoughts, here are a bunch of people who disagree with me.

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