The Top Trending People of 2011 with Paul Scheer and Doug Benson

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  • It’s a amazing that someone who is so bad at using Twitter could become so talked about online, but that’s exactly the case with Anthony Wiener. He is the congressman who was made famous for very publicly tweeting a picture of his private parts. While talking about how people can lose their job from one tweet, Doug Benson remarked that he was glad he was a comedian. Paul Scheer quickly added, “When are we going to learn not to tweet pictures of your junk.”

    The #4 spot on our rundown was held by the grammy-nomminated Nikki Minaj. We started off joking with our panel as to whether they were on the “Nikki Minaj train.” Referring to Minaj’s ample bosom, Doug said, “It would be very safe, because there would be plenty of airbags on that train.”

    The next person on our list was another very talked about woman, Pippa Middleton. Although our panelists claimed to not know much about the sister of Kate Middleton, they had plenty to say. When weighing in on the rumors that she wore butt padding during the royal wedding Paul remarked, “I think you need butt padding at the Royal Wedding cause it’s like 8 hours long.”

    The #2 most talked about person on social media was the young lady that taught us the days of the week in her viral hit Friday, Rebecca Black. Scheer jumped right in saying that this was his favorite thing of 2011 and provided him with lots of entertainment. Benson, who is known for his association with marijuana, treated the studio to a few bars of the way that he sings the song, “High Day.”

    And, the most talked about person of the year was the winning Charlie Sheen. Paul Scheer was not surprised that Charlie topped the list and told us that he was actually the first person that Sheen retweeted. He continued to call Sheen a “walking meme.” Doug Benson seemed not to be much of a fan of Charlie, “It really feels like it’s not only over, but should never be mentioned again.”

    Watch the whole, great discussion right here.

  • Who did you have the most fun talking about online this year?

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