So Many X-Factor Trends!

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  • Every trend today seems to be X-Factor related as the show has whittled down its myriad of talent to the final five. The live show tonight will pit the contestants against each other once again as they grow closer each week to that $5 million dollar recording contract. Last week ended in a shocking double elimination sending home two of the early favorites, so tonight’s performances are critical as even the smallest mistake will spell the end of the road for one of the final five hopefuls.

    OK, now you’re all caught up. Admittedly I haven’t been a weekly viewer of the show and had to research to find the above information (I watched initially, but somewhere within the schedule changes resulting from the world series coverage, I lost track), but knowing what I know now, I’m excited for tonight’s show! And, so is the internet. Everything from #glovesareoff to Chaka Khan have trended today as a result of various incidents/highlights from last week’s show.

    But, if trends equate to votes, then it looks like Rachel Crow and Josh Krajcik will easily find themselves safe from elimination this week, as they’ve been two of the top trending topics all day. I don’t know yet how I land on the debate, but I will tonight as my TV will be tuned to FOX at 8 pst for the social media blood bath (too much?)

    In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite X-Factor-centered tweets from the day.

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