[VIDEO] The Men in Black Return for a Third Go Round

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  • Less of a trilogy and more of a … another sequel, the third installment in the Men in Black franchise unleashed a trailer unto the world this morning and while it doesn’t seem to be breaking new ground in the comedy department, it definitely looks better than the Three Stooges trailer (so, it could be worse).

    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones both return to reprise the roles made famous by them nearly 15 years ago. Notable additions this time round are, well, time – yes time travel will play a big part in the film as Smith tries to uncover Jones’ past leading to the addition of Josh Brolin as a younger Jones. It’s as convoluted as it sounds, but the trailer doesn’t actually look half bad:

  • With a 9 year gap since the previous film, I found myself asking no one in particular “do people still care about the Men in Black franchise?” I mean there were two movies, an animated cartoon, and don’t forget Independence Day came only a year before the first film (I lump all Will Smith late 90’s Alien movies into one large category). So, to find the answer, I took to Twitter – and the answer to my question, is apparently “yes.”

  • Well, love them or hate them, the Men in Black will once again invade the theaters May 25th, 2012.

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