Jack White wants you to hear his “Love Interruption”

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  • Just short of a year after announcing the break up of his career making group The White Stripes – front man, Jack White, has released his first solo single for all to hear. “Love Interruption” is the first song off his forth coming album “Blunderbuss” (releasing April 23rd), and it is currently streaming for free to all who have joined the Third Man Records Vault Members Club … and if you, like me, were all like “what is the Third Man Records Vault Members Club?” then you may want to check out Modlife.com/thirdmanrecords/signup where you can sign up.

    But, if you consider yourself more of an outsider elitist that has no desire to be part of the establishment and wouldn’t be caught dead in a club (a.k.a. too lazy to fill out the signup info on the site) then you can just wait till later tonight when the song will be streaming for everyone over at JackWhiteIII.com.

    And, if that’s simply just not enough information for you about this Solo White Single well it turns out that Jack is planning a 7″ vinyl release next Tuesday (Feb. 7th) and it will contain an additional B-side titled “Machine Gun Silhouette.” All of this information was made public earlier today that a couple vague tweets from White’s own Third Man Studio in Nashville:

    The point here is that in this digital age where early music releases have become somewhat common place and generally unexciting … the internet is still very much excited by Jack White:

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