Have a Manly Valentine’s in the “SAFE HOUSE”

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  • Don’t believe the trailer (posted below) – in an attempt to market this film to the widest possible audience, the trailer presents this one as a paint-by-numbers run of the mill mid-February action film, but it’s not. While the over arching storyline might not be the most original piece of narrative ever to grace your local cinema, the execution is intense and relentless resulting in a feeling of familiarity interspersed within a feeling of the unknown.

    Too vague? Let me put it in simpler terms – this film is fast, it’s loud, and it’s the manliest thing coming out this weekend! Before your second half uses the veil of Valentine’s Day to guilt you into seeing The Vow treat yourself to some balls to walls action this weekend!

    Still not convinced? Really? OK, tough sell, how bout this: The movie stars Denzel Washington playing the bad guy for the first time since Training Day … which he won an Oscar for. Ryan Rynolds also stars (he’s a good looking guy, might want to use this in convincing the other half that this film is a female friendly pre-Valentine treat), and he’s great in it (please forget Green Lantern)! This is the type of role Ryan went after in Smoking Aces, to a great deal of success, unfortunately that was not a very good movie – this is.

    The bottom line is, in an effort to suddenly sound UN-biased, I’ll admit this is not the end-all be-all to the action genre, it has cliched moments and sometimes feels a bit predictable – but, these moments always seem to come while you’re trying to catch your breath in between the non-stop action. The film is a ton of fun and I left the cinema with a smile from ear-to-ear, so that’s my review of “Safe House.”

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