Michael Jackson Songs Stolen After Sony Site Hacking
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    The cover of the posthumous album “Michael” released in December of 2010

  • Sony confirmed that several of Michael Jackson’s unreleased tracks were stolen in an online attack on Monday.

    Sony did not release the exact number of tracks stolen, but the hack represents the second instance of a major hacking against Sony since last April’s hacking of their Playstation Network. That hack stole some 50,000 files of personal information from PSN subscribers, which may have included credit card information.

    BBC News reported that Sony paid $250 million for the singer’s estate, which included rights to his remaining songs. Before his death in 2009, the King of Pop had recorded duets with of the Black Eyed Peas and legendary Queen front man Freddie Mercury. Other previously unreleased tracks were later released in the posthumous album “Michael” in December of 2010.

    Foo Fighters, Olly Murs and Avril Lavigne are all artist whose music is also hosted by Sony, BBC News reporter. It’s unclear whether their music has been affected.