The 8 Most Famous Gurudwaras in the United States

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Image: Gurismat Ganda | Unsplash

 The name Gurdwara, which may alternatively be translated as “the doorway to approach the guru,” refers to a place of worship for Sikhs. It is a temple of worship for Sikhs, although its doors are always open to individuals of all religions and beliefs. The origins of Sikhism and Gurdwaras can be traced back to the holy city of Amritsar in Punjab, where Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the first of ten gurus in the history of Sikhism.

These holy places aim to discover inner peace and union with the Holy Spirit, and you can also find the holy book of Sikhs, “Master Granth Sahib Ji,” in all Gurudwaras. There are several well-known Gurdwaras around the United States that people of all religions visit and love. Therefore, you can discover the most famous Gurudwara near me, and we’ve highlighted a few below.

Hollywood Sikh Temple

Dr. Marwah donated a building in 1969 to be used as a Gurdwara in honor of the “500th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak,” The Hollywood Sikh Temple became the first place of worship and a hub for the Los Angeles region’s Sikh population. It has a peaceful atmosphere, lovely furnishings, and stunning views of the iconic Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Sikh Temple is a well-kept Gurudwara where you may feel elevated while listening to the Gurbani in a lovely setting at 1966 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Beautiful marble and black granite carving can be seen all around the gurudwara, which constantly ranks as one of the most incredible community kitchens in the US. There is also plenty of parking with four basement levels.

Valley Sikh Temple

Valley Sikh Temple is a gurdwara—a Sikh temple—located in Canoga Park, California. It is open to everyone, regardless of color, nationality, background, or faith, and local residents gather here many times every week. It is a religiously peaceful and calm place to sit and worship, but make sure you obey the regulations, such as covering your head, wearing full clothing, and removing your footwear.

The Valley Sikh Temple is where everyone can receive direction, education, and selfless service. Their only purpose is to give the residents of Arizona access to facilities for studying and practicing the Sikh faith and educating them about Sikh culture. Overall, this temple is a beautiful location for meditation, community, and finding peace.

Image: Valley Sikh Temple

Gurdwara Singh Sabha

Gurdwara Singh Sabha is located at 7122 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park, where the exterior and interior of the temple give the impression that it is connected to the heavenly spirit. The gurdwara is prominent, clean, well-decorated, and active, full of families and individuals, young and old, with a projector on the wall showing what they’re talking about in Punjabi and English. They aim to enhance spiritual and moral values through Religious and Cultural Congregation.


The restrooms are immaculate and feature inlaid tile designs, and the langar hall is divided into two sections: one for breakfast and one for lunch. The other portion has a library and classrooms for studying Punjabi and musical equipment. Everyone sits on the floor here, and the kitchen has been expanded recently, so anybody can assist prepare, serving, and cooking. It’s spotless and looks beautiful now that the refurbishment is complete. The readings and prayers are also translated into English so everyone who visits may follow along.

Glen Cove Gurdwara

Glen Cove is a Sikh temple in Glen Cove, New York, and this particular Gurudwara Sahib is massive, built across 15 acres of property in costly Nassau County. The main structure is 30,000 square feet, with 20 rooms and three large halls. It was established by the Long Island-based Sikh community when they saw the need for a larger institution in the area.

The location attracts an average of 200 families from the neighboring region each week. It is a place where weekly and weekend services are arranged. Because there are no idols, sculptures, or religious representations in a gurdwara in Sikhism, the prayer session centers upon the holy book and the immortal Sikh Guru. People of all faiths and religions are always welcome here, and they also offer some very delicious food.

Silicon Valley Gurdwara

This beautiful Gurudwara for Sikhs is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. Since other Gurudwaras are a little more out of town, you can visit this location if you don’t have much time. Currently, they serve over 500 members who routinely attend Sunday services, and a complimentary meal is offered during the service.

With the support of this Gurdwara effort, more people will be able to visit the holy place. After Sunday services, this Gurdwara in Silicon Valley offers youth activities, including language and music lessons and coaching. Overall, it is a beautiful place in the city’s center to pray and find peace.

Gurdwara Nanaksar, Florida

Gurdwara Nanaksar is a Sikh Temple situated south of Orlando, Florida, just minutes from Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Theme Parks. The Gurdwara was founded in 1987 and has gone through numerous stages of growth since then. It serves as a hub of activity and worship for the Sikh community in Orlando. All Orlando tourists are also invited to attend the weekly Divans. It is also one of Kissimmee’s most highly rated locations in the ‘Public services’ category on Nicelocal.


Image: Studio Blue Horse | Pexels

 Gurdwara Sahib Stockton

Gurdwara Sahib Stockton is a Sikh temple in Stockton, California, and is noteworthy for being the first Sikh temple in the United States. The temple is historically significant because it served as the hub of religious, social, and political life for South Asian migrants from 1912 through the 1960s. The Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society created the Stockton Gurdwara, the first temple established to serve the Sikh Community in the United States.

Devon Gurdwara Sahib of Chicago

The Devon Gurudwara Sahib is operated by the Sikh Resource Society, a Chicago-based non-profit organization. The organization’s goal is to give resources on Sikhism to anybody who wants to learn more about the religion. It is nice to know that this small gurudwara, nestled away in the corner of Devon Ave, is preserving the fundamental values of Sikhism. Worshippers come to the Gurudwara sahib to worship and perform Sikh anthems. Their weekly events include Ardas, Kirtan, and Langar (God’s Food), and you can also find all the details on their website.

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