JetBlue Pilot Freaks Out on Flight

JetBlue Pilot Freaks Out on Flight
By Amanda Walgrove
  • JetBlue flight 191, traveling from New York to Las Vegas, was diverted to Amarillo, Texas when pilot, Clayton Osbon, suffered a panic attack and began to freak out at the controls. Noticing erratic behavior, Osbon’s co-pilot managed to trick the unstable pilot into checking the passenger compartment, forcing him out of the cockpit so he could lock the door and change the security code.

    Osbon was eventually subdued by more than five passengers after storming through the plane and shouting nonsensically about Iraq and Al-Qaeda. Passenger and former NYC corrections officer, David Gonzales, jumped into action, restraining the unruly pilot and achieving hero status, according to other passengers.

    Osbon, a veteran captain and commercial pilot since 1989, received medical attention post-flight and is now in FBI custody.