#GameOfThrones Season 2 Premiere

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  • Game of Thrones Season 2 premiered last night on HBO. This morning welcomes fans to recap the drama of last night’s events, theorize about what might happen next, and even dodge spoilers if April Fools’ Day proved too hectic for television.

    “The North Remembers” catches up with our characters at Dragonstone, King’s Landing, Winterfell, and The Red Waste. Outside of the show’s arena, what’s different from last time? Peter Dinklage is an Emmy winner (who now enjoys top billing)! HBO also wants to offer fans a more engaging, interactive experience with HBO Go. Still, many took to Twitter to share their love of #GameOfThrones surrounding #GOTday:

    Joffrey is the one percent.

    -Tom Merritt (@acedtect) March 31, 2012


    Lady Stark’s furs are on point. #GOTDay

    -Lucky Magazine (@LuckyMagazine) April 1, 2012


    Wow, chain mail gloves are off! Everyone’s getting medievel on everyone’s asses! #GameofThrones

    -Lou Diamond Phillips (LouDPhillips) April 1, 2012


    Is #GameOfThrones historically accurate? No, thankfully–medieval life was boring.https://fam.ag/HCbP5C#WinterIsHere

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