Seth Green Wants To Be An Astronaut

Seth Green Wants To Be An Astronaut
By Damon Berger
  • Seth Green is a nerd. In fact, he’s a nerd of a bunch of things. He’s a space nerd, a comedy nerd, a video game nerd, and a social media nerd.

    Shira Lazar chatted with Seth on the inaugural Virgin American flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia (Seth’s hometown). They talked about how Robot Chicken became his calling card, wanting to be an astronaut, and the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3, in which he did the voice of Joker.

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  • Does he consider himself an entrepreneur?

    “I guess in the traditional definition of it, yeah. Because I pursue a lot of developments in industry and I try to push forward my own industry.”

    The success of Robot Chicken:

    “That was the side project my friends and I made for fun that turned into the ‘thing.’ It was a kinda calling card as a creator and content provider. I really didn’t expect that….we originally created the show to be web-based.”

    On engaging fans using social media:

    “Pete Wentz and I talk about that all the time, from Fall Out Boy, because both of us were misfit youths who felt very alone in our teenage and childhood and we talked about what it would be like to reach out to any of your heroes, to be able communicate with them. The Internet as a tool has joined people together internationally….many sub genres find out that not only are they not alone, they find out there are many who have the same likes and interests.”

    Being a space geek:

    “I love NASA. I’m a space enthusiast. I really believe in the human race and our ability to push beyond the boundaries of all the things we don’t understand.”

    What he thought of the ending of Mass Effect 3 (he does the voice of Joker):

    “I don’t have a problem with the ending. You know, video games are subjective. You spend 80, 90 hours playing something, the culmination of that is only going to be so satisfying. But I like the mythology of Mass Effect and the ultimate result of that. I thought it was cool. But that was just me.”