‘Always Sunny’ Star Glenn Howerton: “We Do Whatever We Want”

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  • Glenn Howerton and Dennis, Glenn’s character on Always Sunny in Philadelphia, may not have a lot in common, but they do have one thing… their charming good looks lets them get away with whatever they want.

    At least, that’s Dennis likes telling people. Glenn admitted to Shira during their interview on the inaugural Virgin American flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia on the show he writes, stars, and produces they pretty much “have done whatever we want.” They also talked about why Philadelphia is an underdog of a city, how the show is written, and how ‘Always Sunny’ became a hit tv show.

    Check out the full interview here:

  • On Why Philadelphia is the location for their show:

    “Every show takes place in LA or New York or some small town somewhere. We felt like these characters were these underdogs-type characters living in the shadows of successful people and I think, in some ways, Philadelphia has always been a city that’s living in the shadow of New York City.

    How Always Sunny started ‘grassroots’ before it became big:

    “I think people felt like they had to find, so it felt like a discovery. For myself, I tend to like to discover things and I like the word of mouth instead of seeing tons of billboards everywhere….people felt like it was an underdog show. People felt a certain ownership to it, which I like. It gives more street cred.”

    On starting the trend of independent production:

    “With our show, we just wanted to take control of our destiny as entertainers. We had a vision for something and we went for it and I have no idea, but someone decided to make it.”

    How they come up with their crazy ideas?

    “The great thing about our show and the way it’s always been is that we’ve just done whatever we wanted to do and somehow that’s just managed to work. So, we’ve always thought what we can do to make people keep watching the show…what’s funny to me right now, what’s funny today. And we just go with it”

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