Beyoncé Teaches Us How to Play Pool (VIDEO)

Beyoncé Teaches Us How to Play Pool (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Beyoncé is a woman of many talents. We know that she can sing, dance, grace a stage with a powerful presence, and be a fierce mama, all while looking fabulous.

    But still, she’s being too modest. Bey also harbors some vicious pool-playing skills.

    According to this “instructional” video from nearly a decade ago, here are some go-to tips for the serious contender:

    -BEY confident.

    -Psych out your opponent by talkin’ smack.

    -Always be a gracious winner.

    -Finish with a victory dance.

    B — we feel like we’re missing out. More arcade greatness, please. This is what your Tumblr is for.