Emmanuelle Chriqui, Lance Bass raising money for charity through social media
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  • Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui and former NYSYNC member Lance Bass are using social media to help raise money for charity. And the stakes couldn’t be higher.

    In addition to helping raise funds, Chriqui and Bass will try to raise the most money to avoid losing a bet: if Bass loses, he has to wear a dog costume and have Chriqui walk him around Runyon, and if Chriqui loses, she must perform with Steel Panther at the House of Blue on Sunset Boulevard.

    The bet is part of a larger campaign called the Power of 2, which has a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. Its website shows how much money each celebrity has raised to date with a live feed of tweets supporting each celeb. The organization has hosted past celebs hoping to raise money for charity.

  • Humorous bets aside, the cause is a very personal one, especially for Chiriqui. She will be raising money for Colon Cancer Canada. She lost her mother to colon cancer and her father is locked in a battler with the same disease. Bass chose to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

    As of June 2, Chiriqui is in the lead, having raised $1,441 to Bass’ $525. The campaign ends on midnight June 14. For more information, check out he Power of 2 website and follow the two celebs on Twitter: Bass at @LanceBass and Chriqui at @echriqui.