‘Avatar’ Designers Create Interactive Digital Ocean

'Avatar' Designers Create Interactive Digital Ocean
By Damon Berger
  • Today marks World Ocean Day and charitable organizations including Wild Aid and Oceans Elders are supporting the release of a gorgeous digital ocean called theBlu to honor the special day.

    The tagline—If you love the Ocean, download it—encourages people to show support for ocean conservation by downloading a surprisingly breathtaking digital sea. TheBlu is an interactive work of art designed and created a group designers from around the world, and include by Academy Award winner Andy Jones of “Avatar” fame. In it, people can interact and visit different areas in the vast ocean, and encounter everything from fish, sharks and the majestic blue whale, which is serving as the de facto mascot for TheBlu.

    The team who created the work, called The Blu’s Maker Creative Committee, also won the very first Eco Goody Award at E3 this week. The four designers recognized included Jones, Kevin Mack (Oscar winner for “What Dreams May Come); Richard Taylor (of “Tron”); and Tahakio Akiyama (of “Final Fantasy”).

    For more information, check out TheBlu blog and download the digital ocean at TheBlu.com.

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