Meowbook: Facebook for Cats (VIDEO)

Meowbook: Facebook for Cats (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • We get it. The Internet loves cats. But do we ever stop to consider how much cats might love the Internet? Fret no further.

    Boosted Inspiration Series clues us in to just how revolutionary a Meowbook platform could be for feline interaction.

    Meowbook provides a place for cats (or, you know, their owners) to socialize, rant about their stressful days at the scratching pole, and take stereotypical profile pics. But mostly, Meowbook is simply a place for cats to connect.

    Thomas Mai, Founder of “Meowbook” says: “Dog lovers have this unique ability to go out and share their love of dogs with other dog lovers. They meet in the park; they play around; they throw the ball. Cats don’t really have that.”

    Then again, there’s always the slightly more practical Catbook.