NBA announces first ever Social Media Awards

NBA announces first ever Social Media Awards
By Damon Berger
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  • The NBA held it’s first ever Social Media Awards on Wednesday night, honoring teams, players and individual plays in 12 categories. The awards were hosted by former players Shaquille O’neal and Rick Fox. The awards were presented to the most social plays, moments, players and teams from around the league during the 2011-12 season.

    Four of the categories were video-based, won by plays or individual player performances, and included the following: Social Slam Award, The EPIC Award, The LOL Award and finally what appears to be the best play of the year category, The “Got Game” Award, which was presented to Master of the Dunking Arts, Blake Griffin of the LA Clippers.

    Check out Griffin’s winning play:

  • The Snap Shot Award features photos of players and their various off-the court shenanigans. The Triple Threat Award also awarded basketball commentators, and was one by O’neal.

    The LA Lakers led the pack in the final six award categories, snatching up three wins:

    #TRENDSETTER: Kobe Bryant

    The FanNation Award: LA Clippers

    The BIG Award: Jared Dudley

    The FTW Award: Kevin Durant against Dallas

    Social MVT: Los Angeles Lakers

    The Thumps Up Award: Kobe Bryant

    To view all the nominees and winning videos and photos, visit