‘Boys’ Trailer Provides Witty Parody of HBO’s ‘Girls’ (VIDEO)

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  • YouTube channel PeterMikeFrank has created a pretty spot-on parody of Lena Dunham’s HBO drama, Girls, riffing off its greatest quirks and talking points.

    While Dunham’s television show profiles a group of 20-something girls trying to make it in New York, Boys follows a gaggle of 20-something guys just chasing that big dream in Los Angeles.

    The trailer even plays off of the resumes of Dunham and her acclaimed producer, Judd Apatow, by saying that it comes from the creator of The 16-Year-Old Virgin (in lieu of Apatow’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin) and the director of Large Utensils (a la Dunham’s Tiny Furniture).

    The actresses aren’t off the hook either, with the spoof poking fun at their tapped-in upbringings, advertising that the Boys cast includes Daniel Craig’s song, Craig Craig, Wolf Blitzer’s son, Bear Blitzer, and Pat Benatar’s son, Patrick Benatar.

    Thus ensues some seriously witty conversations about nudity, virginity, and artsy-hipster lifestyles, all in tribute to Dunham’s controversial writing.

    The short is written & edited by Peter Moses and Frank Cappello and directed by Michael Ciulla. It also stars Nicholas Cutro, Hunter Seagroves, Rebecca Rivera, Sophia Goldfarb and Jason Sklar.

    Apatow even gave the parody his stamp of approval via Twitter.

    If Boys was really coming to the small screen this fall, would you tune in?

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