Greatest Examples of Gore Vidal Challenging Authority (VIDEO)

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  • Novelist, satirist, and essayist Gore Vidal passed away yesterday in Los Angeles from complications of pneumonia. He was 86.

    Vidal’s vast and varied body of work includes 25 novels, two memoirs, and volumes of profound essays, as well as plays, TV scripts, and screenplays. He was known for his enthusiastic and eccentric political standings, having commented on the fragile state of America and the dying breed of prolific writers, of which he was one.

    Due to his unashamed homosexual lifestyle, penchant for breaking boundaries of society, sporadic acting experiences, and self-proclaimed “cold” personality, Vidal was an enigma to the public eye, and he embraced the controversial reactions he accrued.

    In almost any realm, Vidal was keen to tackle a challenge. Here are some top examples of his fierce wit and love of the debate:

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