Students’ Masterful Animated Short Going Viral, Compared to Pixar Films (VIDEO)

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  • YouTuber simfreak384, a.k.a. Phillip Simon, decided to upload his thesis film, “The Colors of Evil,” for the Internet to see. And cyber-spectators have been quick to offer rave reviews.

    Completed at Ringling College of Art and Design in collaboration with Alyse Miller, the animated short was uploaded on August 1, already boasting over 230,000 views.

    At school, these students surely get feedback from knowledgeable professors and established filmmakers, but YouTube can be the true test of a successful, commercial work, as an audience builds around the buzz of entertaining content. And the viewers are definitely responding, even going so far as to compare the two students’ project to Pixar films (Toy StoryMonsters, Inc.Wall-E):

    In response to the generous comments, Philip wrote, “As much as I appreciate the Pixar comments, please.. this is nowhere near Pixar quality… they have hundreds of professional artists working on their stuff.. we are just a group of 2 students. But thank you!”

    So, then maybe they should start their own production company to produce online content! Just sayin’. What do you think of the project?

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