Dissecting Rumors About the iPhone 5 (VIDEO)

Dissecting Rumors About the iPhone 5 (VIDEO)
By Whatstrending
  • by Kay Honda

  • There’s a new iPhone on the way, and the Internet is abuzz with excitement and opinion. But is it really worth the hype?

    TechRadar tries to sift through the rumors and break down the facts in its trending video, “iPhone 5 News, Feature Rumors, Concept Images & 3D Render Video.”

    One of the top comments made by TheDJmovies ups the ante right away:

    ”why do we even care about the new iphone any more…it was revolutionary for its time but since apple has hardly made any changes android has surpassed it in all most all ways…”

    Amongst the complaints about the newest iPhone being almost exactly the same as its predecessor, Apple users apparently do want a bigger screen, rivaling the vast surface of the Android phone. An extra 0.5 inches could be a big deal for those who want to watch HD videos in the palm of their hand.

    And how much can we really bash the new release if Steve Jobs was pumped for it? “It was the last project that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with from concept to final design. For that reason…this product will establish the high-water mark for iPhone volumes,” financial analyst Ashok Kumar told CNET last year.

    Taller screen? Higher resolution? Steve Jobs’ last project? Could be worth a new marketing binge.

    Will you be in line for the new iPhone?