Kittens Acting Like Sharks Week: The Internet’s Version of Shark Week (VIDEO)

Kittens Acting Like Sharks Week: The Internet's Version of Shark Week (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • The cultural television phenomenon that is Discovery Channel’s Shark Week launches its 25th year of programming this Sunday, August 12.

    And, honestly, it’s tough for online video creators to compete with such high-risk, high-budget content. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t giving it their best shot.

    So YouTube channel Revision3 — a TV network for the internet generation! — is proud to launch its ANIMALS ACTING LIKE SHARKS WEEK. Here’s their pitch: “It’s everything you could ever want in a video: adorable kittens and puppies with a bit of danger mixed in.”

    Sounds perfect.

    If the above trailer entices you enough, stay tuned into Revision3 for more heart-pounding Shark Week content.