Kids Accurately Predict Internet’s Obsession With Cats in 1995 PSA (VIDEO)

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  • In 1995, a group of fifth grade students at Ray Bjork school in Helena, Montana were faced with a grand challenge: create a video convincing everyone why they should be using the Internet.

    Written by production advisor, Cindy Gaffney, the script predicts various practical services that the online world could eventually provide — all of which are today a reality. The one-minute video went on to win a local ADDY Award in 1996 for Best PSA (and for accurately predicting the future).

    For example, the kids thought, “By the time we’re in college, the Internet will be our telephone, television, shopping center, and work place.”

    All true. But there’s also a major punchline that many seem to be have missed here: these kids even prophesize the Internet’s future obsession with cats!

    While holding a cat in the PSA, one girl says, “And I even found a recipe for cat food cupcakes!”

    Everyone must have told her, “You’re bananas!” But little did they know…

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