Ultimate Halo Videos, Remixes and Parodies Mash-Up

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  • The Halo series is among the most legendary and iconic video game franchises of all time, so naturally it has inspired numerous reimaginings, take-offs, parodies and remixes on YouTube! Now, for the first time, What’s Trending gathers together the most popular Halo videos and spin-offs ever uploaded into one Ultimate Halo Mash-up.

    Stay tuned to the end to for a peek at the amazing new live-action Halo series “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn,” the largest and most epic live-action Halo series ever mounted, as well as a prequel to the new game, which launches in November.

    What’s Trending also hosted a behind-the-scenes look with the Halo 4 series team, featuring director Stewart Hendler, star Enisha Brewster, “Red vs. Blue”/Rooster Teeth creator Burnie Burns and Halo expert Nak3d Eli.

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