Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Epic Rap Battle!

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Epic Rap Battle!
By Amanda Walgrove
  • It’s almost election time and while we’re in the midst of some heated debates, there’s really only one way to decide who can qualify to be the leader of the great American nation. That’s right. Our presidential candidates must join the league of heroic and legendary Epic Rap Battle contenders!

    Well into its second season, the Epic Rap Battles of History YouTube channel now pits presidential incumbent Barack Obama (Alphacat) against Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (EpicLLOYD) to see who can spit out their best rhymes about the economy, Mr. Fantastic faces, and gay marriage, and the 47 percent. Also, it must be noted that Abraham Lincoln (Nice Peter) and his bald eagle are not happy about any of these weak policies and catty quarrels.

    The fate of the USA is in your hands, YouTube commenters. Who do you think won this round?

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