Listen to A Holiday Song Recorded From Space

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  • This week, astronaut Chris Hadfield may have created the first ever recording of a song in space (that we know of!). In the video above, enjoy “Jewel in the Night,” an original holiday tune from the International Space Station.

    The ISS is also making the news this week because “Further Up Yonder: A Message from ISS to All Humankind,” an inspiring video created by Italian filmmaker Giacomo Sardelli, is being shared on the NASAtelevision YouTube channel.

    Using stunning timelapse footage from the the International Space Station and audio clips from certain historic feats of space exploration, the short film presents an inspiring view of Earth and all humankind as we know it. Sardelli emphasizes that his goal was to “look beyond the intrinsic beauty of those pictures, and use them to tell a story and share the messages sent by the astronauts who worked on the station in the last 11 years.”

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