Don’t Care About March Madness? Watch This Instead!

Billy Eichner from "Billy on the Street" searched high and low for the most trivia-knowledgable pregnant women (or he just chose the first 4 he met in the park) to be in his "vaginal four" game.
By Molly Semes
  • It’s Not the FINAL FOUR, It’s the VAGINAL FOUR!

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    Our office has had “Billy On The Street” fever the past couple of weeks so we were very excited to see a new, March Madness-themed (kind of) episode on YouTube. If you’ve never seen “Billy OnThe Street” before, first of all, go binge watch all of them. Secondly, it’s a series where Billy Eichner runs arounds the streets of New York hilariously quizzing people about pop culture (and sometimes his own opinions.) He even occasionally drags celebrity guests along with him.

    This episode features pregnant women answering questions about celebrities with children because Billy finds that more interesting than the actual March Madness (can’t say I disagree.) Watch the video to see women who are very close to giving birth compete with each other, and perhaps you’ll learn something new about celebrity parents.