A Look at TikTok’s Newest Trend: #VisionBoard

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By Savannah Moss
Image: @annierosenelson | TikTok

#Visionboard has 6.3 billion views on TikTok right now, but what IS  a vision board, and how is TikTok using it? Though vision boards are not a new trend, and specifically not a new trend invented by TikTok, it is a new trend along TikTokers. Here is a look at what vision boards are and how TikTok is using them

What is a vision board?

A vision board, often confused with a mood board, is a visual craft of your goals or dreams, giving you a way to visualize your aspirations and also set them up so you can look at them, reminding you what you’re working for. These have started becoming particularly popular on TikTok with the end of the year coming soon, a popular time for people to reflect on their past year and set goals for the upcoming one.


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How do you make a vision board?

Vision boards, like many things involving arts and crafts, can be incredibly unique and personalizable. Some like to make it on a poster physically, by using highlighters, pens, markers, and printed photos from magazines. Others use apps like Canva or Powerpoint to make theirs, making it the lock screen to their laptop or phone so they can look at it often.


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It can be up to you, which is the most important part of vision boards, as everyone’s visions for their goals and dreams are different. This is a very encouraging side of TikTok, as it can inspire many to understand their future goals and make a plan to work towards those.

How TikTok is using vision boards

Like mentioned earlier, vision boards can be done in a multitude of ways, spanning from physical posters to online ones. So, there are several different examples on TikTok if looking for inspiration. Some suggest using a PowerPoint to map out different portions of their life, like physical health to scholarly goals or work goals. Others do a vision board for their entire life in one poster, using photos or words to represent different portions of their life. Many also suggest using the app Pinterest to find inspiration as well.


manifesting an amazing 2022🤍 #thatgirl #manifestations #2022visionboard #newyearsresolutions #visionboardinspo

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Another example includes a popular trend “manifestation” where you talk about things in the present tense to make goals come to life. This method includes writing down “2022 goals” and writing down 10 goals, but using the present tense specifically.


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Overall, the trend of vision boards is a surprisingly pleasant side of TikTok, an app that often stirs controversy. However, inspiring others to set goals and work to achieve them is always a good thing.