A$ap Rocky Trends on Twitter After Being Arrested for His Connection With an Alleged Shooting

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Image: Getty Images Entertainment / Mike Coppola / Staff - Getty Images

Last week, rapper A$AP Rocky was trending on Twitter after rumors that he was cheating on Rihanna, who is pregnant. Although those rumors were proven to be false, he is trending online for completely different reasons. Rocky, whose birth name is Rakim Mayers, was arrested yesterday due to a “connection to a shooting that occurred in the Hollywood area in November of 2021” according to the LAPD Twitter account.

The statement says that a shooting occurred in November 2021, where “an argument between two acquaintances occurred in the area of Selma Avenue and Argyle Avenue, in the Hollywood Area. The argument escalated and resulted in the suspect firing a handgun at the victim.” Rocky was arrested for “assault with a deadly weapon” as thankfully, the victim only sustained minor injuries.

Twitter users, notorious for making anything into a meme, made jokes that A$AP Rocky could not catch a break, especially since he was rumored to be cheating on Rihanna recently. Some made jokes that Drake, a suspected ex of Rihanna’s and someone made fun of often for being in love with her after confessing his love for her on stage at the 2016 VMA’s, is the person behind him being arrested and the cheating allegations. In fact, this was probably the most popular joke made on Twitter regarding the situation.




Announced today, Rocky was released on a 550,000 bond. This is not the first time he has been publically arrested, as many looked back on his history in 2019 when he was arrested and charged for assault in Sweden. Now, some are trying to focus on good wishes for Rihanna, who is due to give birth very soon, and the recent cheating rumors and the arrest is probably very stressful for her.

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