Actor James Van Der Beek Slams Joe Biden In Viral TikTok Video

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Actor James Van Der Beek, who notably portrayed Dawson Leery in the ever popular teen drama “Dawson’s Creek,” offered strong criticism of President Joe Biden and the DNC at large. In a now viral video, Van Der Beek claimed that Biden “clearly” has “declining mental faculties,” and that the Democratic National Committee (DNC)  should still hold a primary debate with other candidates.

The video was published to Van Der Beek’s official TikTok account, and the actor later disabled the comments.


Disabling comments on this one because the people who SHOULD be debating are the candidates ???? #NoDebateNoDemocracy #DNC #democraticprimaries

♬ original sound – James Van Der Beek

The actor continued to cite several statistics in the video, some of which were inflated. Many were quick to point to the fact that while all politicians deserve a healthy dose of constructive criticism, Van Der Beek’s wife has previously espoused anti-vaccine extremist views.

Many point to a Rolling Stone report that shed light on Kimberly Van Der Beek’s conspiracy theories about he COVID-19 pandemic.

While both had previously advocated for reproductive rights and flu vaccinations, both appeared to oppose mask mandates and COVID-19 vaccinations at the height of the pandemic. President Biden notably began his presidency in 2021, while the CDC still declared that the COVID-19 pandemic was ongoing.


The DNC has confirmed that there will be no primary debates at this time, but Van Der Beek’s comments on Biden’s abilities are being criticized for ageism and association with conspiracies.

“Dawson’s Creek” Fan Reactions

Fans of the pivotal “Dawson’s Creek” are resurfacing plot points from the show in relation to the real life situation. Van Der Beek’s character notably saw a problematic story arc, with Joshua Jackson’s anti-hero character Pacey Witter emerging as the true fan favorite.

Some are posting an infamous image of the actor in character as Dawson crying. The image has been a popular online reaction meme since the 2000s.


The actor’s video is leading some to draw comparisons to Jackson’s politics. The actor previously criticized former President Donald Trump during press for Netflix’s limited series “When They See Us.” In the show, Jackson portrays Mickey Joseph, the defense lawyer for one of the Central Park Five. The case served as a landmark in fighting racial profiling in policing.

Neither of the Van Der Beeks have commented further on the burgeoning controversy.

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