ADORABLE TODDLER Dances His Butt Off For National Indigenous People’s Day

By Alex Firer
2-year-old Albert “A.J.” Apsassin is warming the internet’s heart with his too-cute pow wow dance at a National Indigenous Day celebration in Camrose, Alberta.

An absolutely adorable toddler in Canada is warming the internet’s heart with his powwow dance.

Martina Desjarlais has been pow-wow dancing for six years, and when her son Albert was born two years ago, she wanted to raise him with a strong sense of his family’s culture. He watched his mother dance and absorbed countless YouTube videos on Pow Wow dancing as well.

He likes it so much, Martina says, he only can fall asleep if there’s pow wow music on.

So, at a recent celebration on National Indigenous Day in Alberta, Canada, he was able to let loose. The video struck a chord with people who found Albert to be just too precious.

Martina’s Facebook video has been viewed over 1 million times and even got Albert a profile on local television. Every June 21 in Canada is National Indigenous People’s Day, to celebrate the “heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding achievements” of Native Canadians.

Believe it or not, we do have a similar holiday in the U.S. It’s called Native American Heritage Day, and it takes place every November on the day after Thanksgiving. And some people celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day in October, on the day that had traditionally been Columbus Day.

It’s unclear if Albert knows why he’s getting so much attention, but now, everywhere he goes, people are asking him to dance. Look, nothing against this kid. He’s super cute. But are these really dancing skills? Seems like a lot of bouncing around to me.

Maybe what’s so compelling about Albert is how much he seems to love the music and matching his moves to the traditional dancing.

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