Airbnb Host Says He Will Not Let Teenagers Host After-Prom Parties in His Rental Unit

This is just a bad idea all around.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Thebaileykramer | TikTok

In a recent TikTok, an Airbnb host and creator Bailey Kramer calls out high school students wanting to host an after-prom party at their rental. Kramer, who is a TikTok creator that makes content for other Airbnb hosts or those new to hosting Airbnbs, says that he has gotten at least 10 requests from high schoolers to let them have an after-party after their prom. Kramer reported that he allows people to do bachelor’s or bachelorette parties, and even weddings or family gatherings, but he would not host an after-prom party.


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He says that he keeps getting these requests, and even jokes that he should make it a bidding war. Others said that he should let them do it, but charge an insane fee since they are minors, one person even suggests 4k a night. But, others were stating that this could be a definite issue because they are minors. One commenter wrote, “Y’all it’s not worth the risk of having unsupervised minors on your property no matter what they’re offering.” Another said that they were able to get around this when they asked an adult to book it for them, which is definitely a new issue Airbnb hosts are now going to have to worry about.


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The “after-prom party” is becoming a trend on TikTok, with high schoolers showing off the wild after parties they had once they left prom. Prom, which is usually hosted by a high school and therefore has adult supervisors, is a relatively big deal to high schoolers, so it is safe to say that the parties can definitely get rowdy and a bit out of control when you have groups of potentially intoxicated and unsupervised minors together.


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Overall, though some hosts might see this as an opportunity to charge above usual prices as the risk is higher, many were under the same opinion that hosting parties for minors is only asking for trouble, as one commented it is a “legal nightmare waiting to happen.”