Alaska’s “I Voted” Stickers Are Downright Cute

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Look. We all know the cliche of posting an “I Voted” sticker. You put it on your Facebook page, you encourage others to do it, and hopefully we can avoid the freakish lower-than-we’d-like-clearly voting disaster of 2016. But have you seen Alaska’s cute as hell voting stickers? They’re fantastic. You want to see Alaska’s vast amount of wildlife enjoying the power of their very vote? You got it! Check out of some of these democracy enjoying cuties, below!

The pictures were created by Alaskan cartoonist Pat Race, aka @AlaskanRobotics on Twitter, and boy oh boy, they certainly have other states up in envy. I’m not saying you should go vote to get a cute little picture of a silly little penguin or something, but what I’m saying is if you vote that is just one of the day’s many perks! I mean, look at these extremely fashionable little cuties!


Meanwhile, if you like these cute graphics, Pat Race is selling prints of them, which can be discovered in the link in the Tweet below!

What do you think of the stickers? Are they more likely to get you to vote? Is that weird or is it fine as long as you vote? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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