Former “Zoey 101” Star Alexa Nikolas Comes Forward With Allegations Against Jonah Hill

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“Zoey 101” actress Alexa Nikolas is continuing to speak out on the men in Hollywood that traumatized her and others at a young age. Nikolas notably spoke out against longtime Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider, who allegedly sexually assaulted child actors and wrote inappropriate sexual innuendos into the scripts of children’s shows. Now, the actress shared that Jonah Hill once forcibly kissed her at a party at fellow actor Justin Long’s house in the early 2000s. Nikolas was 16 years old at the time.


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The actress has long led the charge in the reckoning of safety precautions and ethics on the set of children’s and teen’s television shows. Now, she is publicly revisiting the traumatic incident involving actor Jonah Hill and Justin Long‘s potential role. Hill recently came under fire after ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady shared screenshots of text messages the actor sent her during their relationship, alleging emotional abuse.

After Nikolas shared her story, Brady came forth with her support for the actress, referring to Hill as “scary.”

Justin Long’s Friendship With Jonah Hill

After Nikolas came forth with her initial allegation against Hill, she resurfaced a clip from the popular 2000s show “PUNK’D” hosted by actor Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher would place celebrities in fabricated situations and hire actors to play out each scene without the knowledge of the celebrity. Long was once featured in an episode of the program, in which himself and Jonah Hill were in a restaurant with several underage girls who were drinking alcohol.


Though the reveal was that the girls were hired actresses and not actually drinking, Long’s reaction before the prank reveal is puzzling viewers. The actor appeared to encourage the young women to lie about their ages when asked for ID to prove that they were legal, and told Hill that they were all “really pretty.”

While Long appeared first unaware of the young women’s ages, his quick reaction to lie to authorities about them is what Nikolas picked up on. While Long himself has never been accused of inappropriate behavior towards women, Nikolas insinuated that he was complicit in a series of his friend’s relationships and assaults of young women.


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Internet Reactions

Many of Long’s fans felt disappointed at his potential alleged involvement in uniting underage girls with his adult male friends. The actor has appeared in a number of cult favorite films in television shows, notably “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “New Girl,” “Herbie Fully Loaded,” “House of Darkness,” “Barbarian,” and more.


Long recently married actress Kate Bosworth. A representative for the actor confirmed that Long was not aware of the incident in which Nikolas was targeted by Jonah Hill outside of his home, but the mere fact that she was in attendance is troubling people.

Many criticized his choice to deflect responsibility in the situation, given his behavior seen in the “PUNK’D” episode. Some are even going as far as drawing comparisons to his role in “Barbarian,” in which he portrays a disgraced actor in hiding when sexual assault allegations against him emerge.

Nikolas has not reacted to Long’s statement at this time.

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