All of Earth’s Resources Already Used, Earth Overshoot Day Reveals

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Look. It’s not any news that planet Earth is doomed, and it’s all thanks to us humans who have effectively flooded our oceans with plastic, released harmful chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere and have now hit a new low, as it has been found that we have used more resources than the earth can replenish over the year.

Earth Overshoot Day happens once a year, and usually occurs when all of the natural resources on Earth have been used so much, that it actually goes over the amount that the planet can replace in the same year. Usually, this happens a lot later on in the year, but this time, Overshoot Day falls on August 1st, which marks the earliest date that this has come around.

@dw_environment shared a diagram on Twitter, which shows a selection of countries and how many planets would be needed in order to replenish their usage of natural resources in their country, with Qatar being the highest, with 9 planets worth of replenishment needed each year.


Not only does this day measure the amount of resources used, but it also measures how much pollution has been caused, in which this year, we have actually created more pollution that the earth can absorb. The shocking figures are only part of a bigger problem, and until everyone starts acting more environmentally friendly, then Earth Overshoot Day will begin to happen earlier and earlier.

Many people on Twitter have used these findings to share what would happen if we began treating the earth better, and stopped over-using resources that aren’t necessary. People have also mentioned how heart-breaking it is that we have let this happen to earth, and how all we’re doing is decreasing the amount of resources that will be available in the future.


The hashtag #MoveTheDate has been trending in certain countries, especially those with high usage and where Earth Overshoot Day has occurred earlier than usual. Along with this hashtag are different facts and diagrams, which show the statistics of how bad this epidemic is and how much pollution has increased over the years.

The date for this annual day keeps on getting earlier and if we continue to treat our planet like this, then it only means that we will quickly run out of vital resources that are needed for everyday life. Think about when you could possibly be using resources that aren’t completely necessary and make some changes. Make the earth a healthy, happy place again, you’ll thank yourself later for it.

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