Amanda Knox Posts Tone-Deaf Tweet In Midst Of The Election

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You probably remember the name Amanda Knox from the infamous murder case in 2007 when a college exchange student, Meredith Kercher, was brutally murdered in her apartment in Italy. Her roommate, Amanda Knox, was held in Italy for four years after Italian authorities attempted to convict her of Kercher’s murder. While legally her name is clear, many witnesses of the trial are not sold on Knox’s innocence. Flash forward 13 years after the international affair,  Amanda Knox has worked with Netflix to release of documentary of her side of the story and now co-hosts a podcast called LABYRINTHS, where she discusses second chances.

Outside of these career opportunities and appearances, Amanda Knox has stayed clear of further controversy and attention from the media. But on Election Day, Amanda Knox could not help but post a tweet that internet is calling ‘tone-deaf’ for its obvious disregard for Meredith Kercher. On November 3rd, Amanda Knox tweeted “Whatever happens, the next four years can’t be as bad as that four-year study abroad I did in Italy, right?”

Why People Are Mad

At first glance, maybe she is just poking fun at her own unfortunate history right? Well Twitter does not think so. Election Day is momentous day and this year was especially intense, as hundreds of thousands of people have died from an uncontrolled pandemic, and racial tension is high. Not only was Knox’s tweet tone-deaf in that aspect, but for the people suspicious of her contributions to Meredith Kercher’s death, it added salt to an old wound. It is believable that Knox’s four years in Italian prison were horrific, but for the family of Meredith Kercher, the pain they experience without their daughter is unimaginable.

Twitter Lashes Back

Twitter was quick to call out Knox for her ridiculously insensitive tweet.

The television personality, Piers Morgan, took the first jab at Knox, writing “I can think of a 21-year-old British girl named Meredith Kercher who had a far worse time than you in Italy. Remember her? How dare you make a joke of it.. you disgusting piece of work.”


Knox Responds

Amanda Knox has yet to delete the tweet following the intense backlash from the Twitter community. Instead, she followed up to Piers Morgan to address the insensitive nature of her tweet saying, “Occasionally I joke about my wrongful conviction & imprisonment in Italy. I’m allowed to joke about my own trauma. I didn’t joke about the Kercher’s. I didn’t kill Meredith. Rudy Guede did, & you know it. Stop exploiting Meredith’s name to victim blame me. You’re pathetic.”


Her defense was that she is allowed to joke about the trauma she has experienced. Some people came to support her in the comments, understanding Knox’s perspective.

While she had a few supporters, the majority of the comments were just tired of hearing her with Meredith’s Kercher’s name in her mouth. At the end of the day, Kercher’s family has to live with the kind of  trauma that Amanda Knox could never understand and for her to joke about being wrongly convicted in a Italian prison for four years just does not carry the same weight as Kercher having never returned home from her study abroad.

Amanda Knox has not commented on the further heat she is getting from upset Twitter users, but so far, she does not seem concerned with how other people feel about her own experience. We will wait to see if she chooses to delete the tweet.

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