Amanda Seyfried Auditioned For the New Wicked Movie

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Amanda Seyfried, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for her performance as Elizabeth Holmes in The Dropout, told Backstage she auditioned for the new Wicked film, although was not selected. She also reveals she dislikes her singing in Les Miserables and wishes she could do it all over again. This started a stir on Twitter, of course, as the role of Glinda went to Ariana Grande. Many people enjoyed this casting, but some people are wishing Seyfried had been selected instead.

On Twitter, one fan of Grande stated “mind you Ariana started on Broadway, was mentored by Kristen Chenoweth & has powerhouse vocals. this was not a hard decision to make,” referring to the fact Chenowith played Glinda in the Broadway show and had given Grande advice when she was given the role. But, Seyfried has singing abilities as well, as she sang in both Mamma Mia and Les Miserables. 

Many did not feel it was right to downplay her talent, especially after seeing how she transformed to play the role of Holmes. Others believed Grande only received the role due to her name in the industry, with one person noting “I’m sorry, but you can not get me to believe Ariana Grande was cast because she was the better choice. She was cast because she is a big star who will bring people in to watch the movie.”

According to Backstage, Seyfried says “I bent over backward while playing the hardest role of my life. But I think it also taught me how far I’ve come as a singer, which I really wanted to prove.” She says ever since Les Mis, she wanted to be a better singer, as she does not feel like her singing in that role showed what she could do. Although she was not selected for the role, it seems she was happy with the auditioning she did, and it is even more impressive that she was performing as Holmes while preparing to audition for a wildly different


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