Amazon Introduces Enhanced Echo Spot with Updated Design and Improved Audio

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Amazon has unveiled an updated version of its Echo Spot just ahead of Prime Day, showcasing enhanced features aimed at enhancing user experience. Priced originally at $79.99, the 2024 iteration of this Alexa-enabled smart alarm clock is currently available at a discounted rate of $44.99 exclusively for Prime members.

Promoted as a sleek addition to any nightstand, the latest Echo Spot promises improved visuals and enhanced audio quality. Available in three colors—Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue—the device boasts a 1.73” front-firing directional speaker that promises “clear vocals and deep bass.”

Unlike its 2017 predecessor, notable changes include the absence of an integrated camera, which addresses privacy concerns for users wary of having cameras in their bedrooms. The design also moves away from the full, circular screen of the previous model, opting instead for a speaker-split front.

Functionality remains robust with Alexa integration, allowing users to set alarms, check the weather, play music, make calls, and manage smart home devices through voice commands. Customization options abound with various clock faces and color arrangements including magenta, violet, orange, lime, teal, or blue.

While the Echo Spot’s display is optimized for animations rather than videos, users can expect visual responses such as weather illustrations when querying Alexa about the forecast.

Amazon Echo Spot.
Amazon Echo Spot. PHOTO: Amazon

Furthermore, the device supports connectivity with a wide range of smart home products, facilitating the creation of Alexa Routines to automate daily tasks seamlessly.

Amazon’s decision to refresh the Echo Spot ahead of its annual sales event underscores the company’s strategy to offer compelling smart home solutions. The competitive pricing strategy for Prime members is poised to attract tech enthusiasts looking to upgrade their home automation setups.


The Echo Spot’s launch aligns with Amazon’s broader ecosystem of Alexa-enabled devices, reinforcing its commitment to integrating voice technology into everyday routines. As consumer demand for connected devices continues to grow, Amazon’s proactive approach to innovation aims to capture a larger share of the smart home market.

Amazon’s latest Echo Spot represents a blend of upgraded functionality and design refinements, catering to users seeking both practical utility and aesthetic appeal in their smart home devices. With enhanced audio, a sleeker profile, and versatile customization options, the Echo Spot stands as a testament to Amazon’s ongoing evolution in smart home technology.

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