@AmbersCloset Discusses LGBT Film “The Watermelon Woman” and Queer Classix

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In an interview with Culture Q on Revry, Amber Whittington, better known as @AmbersCloset on social media, sits down and discusses why diversity within queer films is important and where to watch them. @AmbersCloset hosts on Revry where she does Queer Classix, a “show within a show” that highlights a queer film where Amber will then host interviews and discuss fun facts pertaining to the film.

This month’s choice was The Watermelon Woman, which tells the story of a young Black lesbian, Cheryl, who is a filmmaker living in Philadelphia. The film follows Cheryl as she works on a film project involving searching for an actress known as “Watermelon Woman” who was a Black actress known for her roles in the 30s, often playing the archetype of the “mammy.” Amber discussed how films from the 90s, when this film was released, are often not centered around queer voices or stories. And, if they are, they often center on white gay men, leaving out other LGBT voices.

Amber calls the film a “Black queer woman classic” and says that it was important to watch for purposes of representation. She also noted that the film talks a lot about Cheryl’s journey not only with her sexuality but also with her career and trying to make it as a filmmaker, which is important to see. This is why Queer Classix became a thing, to introduce queer people to diverse movies and give them the ability to discuss how the film mirrors real life. To watch the full interview or watch the next Queer Classix, you can visit here.

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