do we need it?

There are a lot of tools that you can buy when you go backpacking through the wilderness. One of the great tools that often goes overlooked is the rain jacket for your rucksack. These are specifically designed to stretch and cover the entire rucksack, and with elastic it holds fast to the side of the bag. 

However, we all walk through the rain sometimes. We can’t choose to not do it. It is part of life. Instead of walking without any protection, we do have things like raincoats and umbrellas that can help protect ourselves from the rain, but this doesn’t help us protect our backpacks.

Rain covers for a backpack help us protect our most valuable assets. A jacket or an umbrella don’t cover everything. There will still be something unprotected. Rain will still get the bag wet.

A wet backpack will absolutely lead to wet items inside. Instead of dealing with wet stuff inside, you should instead protect your stuff with a cover. The cover needs to attach to your backpack and stay in place. The most important part of the cover is that it needs to be fully waterproof. This means that it can’t be just water resistant or water repellent. This is a rain jacket for your backpack. You can’t go only half the distance. You need to ensure that at any time your backpack is protected from any type of rain event.

Are Backpack Rain Covers Useful?

Yes, backpacks are not waterproof. It is unavoidable that you are going to be caught outside in the rain. If you are running in between classes or buildings or events, you need to make sure that you can get to your destination and still have dry stuff in your bag.

When you are ready to stay dry and stop trying to protect your backpack with a rain coat and get a fully waterproof backpack rain cover, you need to understand where to get one or how to make one.

If you don’t think that a rain cover for a backpack is useful, then all you need to do is walk out into the rain with stuff in a bag and you will quickly learn why these rain covers are so important.

Where can you Get a Backpack Rain Cover?

Getting a rain cover for a backpack can be difficult. You need to find a place that specializes in bags. Your local retail store won’t be this location. Instead, you will need to look online for the goods that you will need to ensure that you can protect your backpack. There are lots of online retailers. However, online retailers are the same as brick and motor retailers. They still won’t have the abundance of options or the volume to ensure that you can get the order that you need.

Remember that you can’t go to a retailer. You need to go to a wholesale manufacturer. Why is this important? Wholesale manufacturers are perfect for bags for a few reasons. First, they have the best selections. An online wholesale manufacturer will be able to provide you with all of the options that exist.

Second, an online wholesale manufacturer can offer you wholesale pricing. This means that you will get a discount for each order. Most high-quality wholesale manufacturers will offer discounts for ever order, even if they are for single purchases. You won’t need to buy 100 units of a backpack, instead you only need to buy one item to get the manufacturer’s discount.

Can you Make One Yourself?

It is possible to make a backpack rain cover yourself. It isn’t as hard as you think. The instructions are pretty basic. The most important aspect of a backpack rain cover is the material. There are lots of different kinds of materials that could be used but you need to ensure that the material is fully waterproof. A fully waterproof material will ensure that under all conditions your stuff will stay safe and dry. Here are some easy instructions on how to make your own fully waterproof backpack rain cover. It only requires six items. The material that you should use is a waxed canvas. The other requirements are to have a tape measure, fabric elastic, scissors, a sewing machine, and a cord lock for elastic. That is, it. However, focus on the fabric. Get something that looks good and is durable in quality. This will ensure that it lasts a long time and you stuff will always stay dry. While you are on the site you can find the best backpack you need for any time of event.