This Dove Magic Trick Is So Sick Even Prince Would Cry

  • Darcy Oake’s jaw-dropping dove illusions | Britain’s Got Talent 2014

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    Meet Darcy Oake. He auditioned for the eighth season of “Britain’s Got Talent.” Mr. Darcy is Canadian. (Is that even legal?) But it’s okay, he’s pretty easy on the eyes and an amazing magician.

    From turning lit matches into doves and four doves into a woman, his audition stunned everyone–It even elicited a smile from renowned Grinch, Simon Cowell. What makes this stand apart from other illusions I’ve seen is how effortless and transparent it was. There was no hiding behind partitions, curtains, hands, etc. He can literally turn fire into birds, guys!

    Mr. Darcy has jokes too.

    “When I was a kid, I actually had hopes and dreams of becoming a doctor, but my parents insisted that I become a magician.”

    The 26-year-old has been honing his sorcery since he was a kid. He says his father was his greatest inspiration and influenced his desire to pursue magic.

    I can’t wait to see what he does next!