Watch Korean Women Try American Barbecue For The First Time

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  • It’s always an interesting experience seeing people experience something that we’re so used to. While Korean barbecue has become more and more popular in the United States in recent years, the same can’t be said for American barbecue in Korea. Watch as these Korean women taste, and most likely see American barbecue for the first time.

    For most of the women in this video, pulled pork is a visually unappealing dish – something we’re totally used to here in the states. One woman even mentions that she finds the pulled pork more appealing in between two halves of a roll, because a sandwich is more familiar to her. It’s also interesting to see them eating the fat on the meat for the first time. As in most Southeast Asian households, the fat will be separated from the meat. Even in America.

    The best part of this video is questionably the reaction all the women have to the ribs. It seems to be the one food in this video that they imagined all American barbecue to be like. Maybe we’ve been overlooking the process of making authentic barbecue here in the states. Watching the cooks in this video makes us want to run to the nearest smokehouse!