Watch This Guy Climb Into a Tub of 500 Pounds of Putty

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    Vat19, seller of curiously awesome toys and gift items, has a lot of putty lying around. Like, a whole lot of putty. It looks like they also have a lot of free time on their hands, because one of them was like “hey, what would happen if we filled a bathtub with putty and immersed someone in it?” and the rest of them were like “let’s find out!”

    So they rolled out a drum of their Liquid Glass Putty, found an old bathtub somewhere, filled it to the brim and had some poor bastard strip down to red swim trunks and climb inside. We’re guessing he drew the short straw.

    Watching him sink slowly into the transparent goop is really weird, and once he’s mostly encased in the putty, a couple of things occur to him: 1) the thick gel encasing his chest makes it hard to breathe, 2) he’s going to have to fight his way back out, and 3) he forgot to trim his armpit hair and now it’s stuck in the putty. This may have been a horrible mistake.

    He makes it out alive, fortunately, but he’s going to be scraping putty out of orifices he didn’t even know he had for weeks.