The Annual Spanish Tomato Fight is Something to Behold

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  • Do you love tomatoes as much as Europeans do? Then watch this video of a cheery Italian man making tomato sauce. Do you love tomatoes way too much? Then the Tomatina is for you.

    The Tomatina, the annual war of tomatoes, has been held in Buñol, Spain, every year, and is believed to date back to a spontaneous tomato fight in 1945 between the local children and some adults.

    Participants, both locals and tourists alike, are armed with the red fruit and throw them at each other, creating a giant mess, adding to the warlike atmosphere. Many don swim goggles to protect their eyes, but the rest of their bodies are fair game

    Thousands of people show up every year for the food fight, and for an hour, everyone just goes crazy pelting each other.

    According to Reuters, 330,693 pounds of tomatoes were used this year — roughly 160 tons. Everything gets soaked by the mushy ripe ammunition.

    Right after the event ends, workers hose down the streets while the participants are free to use public showers.

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