Watch These Guys Do Every Ping Pong Trick in the Book and Then Some

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  • In a trending video from Reddit, two men from Japan (takkyuu geinin on YouTube) have made a video all about ping pong trick shots. We’ve covered ping pong before, but never quite like this.

    The start of the video is not too exciting — something the creators may have acknowledged in the top left corner, where it says “boring ping pong” to start. (It could also be a mistranslation of “bowling ping pong”, as the first few tricks all have to do with bowling.) The two guys start by hitting ping pong balls into miniature bowling pins, knocking them all over using a variety of styles, including curving the ball to hit the last remaining pin and hitting a ball with another one to get a dreaded 7-10 split.

    The guys then get more creative, trying to fool each other into missing the ball, hitting a ball entirely around a bathroom to get the ball into a bowl, and using no hands to return volleys. The two are very into ping pong, as one loses a date over it, and in a later sketch uses a ping pong ball to propose. Throughout they do a myriad of tricks, including trying to play with a ton of fans on one side and getting two balls going at once.

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