Astronaut Chris Hadfield Chats With Captain Kirk From Space

  • The coolest guy outside of Earth’s atmosphere – Chris Hadfield – is a hit on the NASAtelevision¬†YouTube channel, having already¬†recorded the first ever holiday song in space and taught us how to clip our nails in zero gravity.

    Now the International Space Station is delivering a beautiful moment for pop culture fanatics everywhere by setting up a chat between Canadian Space Agency’s Hadfield and earthbound Canadian-born actor William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk on the “Star Trek” television series.

    Twitter followers were also invited to attend a tweetup at CSA Headquarters in St. Hubert, Quebec during the in-flight event Feb. 7.

    Check out the conversation that transpired to enjoy a landmark event for the sci-fi world and absorb some of Hadfield’s knowledge of space and expeditions to come.