Banksy Takes Squealing Stuffed Animals To Slaughterhouse In “Sirens Of The Lambs” Demonstration

  • British graffiti artist Banksy is using his new Banksy NY YouTube channel again with this video of a creepy installation that rolled through New York City’s Meatpacking District this week. The controversial “Sirens of the Lambs” demonstration features screaming and squealing stuffed animals being shipped off to the slaughterhouse. That ought to unsettle a few stomachs!

    This piece follows up from Banksy’s first YouTube video, posted last week, in which Syrian rebels shoot down Disney’s iconic Dumbo elephant.

    It was also reported that Banksy tricked New Yorkers over the weekend by anonymously selling original artwork on the street for $60 a piece. Of course, those who didn’t realize that the work was Banksy’s, and instead scoffed at the $60 price tag, passed by the opportunity to own a piece that could be worth millions of dollars. Oops.