‘Teach Me How to Brushy’ – Oregon Dental’s ‘Dougie’ Remix PSA (VIDEO)

  • The Oregon Dental Association created a public service campaign called “Teach Me How to Brushy,” riffing off of Cali Swag District’s viral 2010 song, “Teach Me How to Dougie.” The video is “aimed at communicating the importance of establishing healthy dental habits at an early age.”

    As a part of the campaign, people are encouraged to upload their own “brushy” photos and videos to the ODA Facebook page, which presents facts and figures about the upkeep of dental hygiene. The page can also be accessed under the domain name, TeachMeHowToBrushy.com.

    Since it was uploaded on July 16, the video has garnered over 120,000 views and is making its way across the Internet, inspiring many to brush while also evoking memories of this gem: